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CHIM-Netzwerk auf internationaler Bühne vertreten: Forschende des CHIM-Netzwerks präsentieren Workshop auf der ECAI 2024 zum Thema „Embracing Human-Aware AI in Industry 5.0“

Auf der diesjährigen 27. European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) präsentieren Forschende des CHIM-Netzwerks den Workshop „Embracing Human-Aware AI in Industry 5.0 (HAII5.0)“. Dieser Workshop beleuchtet die Integration von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) in die Industrie 5.0 und stellt den menschlichen Faktor in den Mittelpunkt. Zwei Vertreter des CHIM-Netzwerks, Prof. Dr. Dr. Marco Ragni von der TU Chemnitz und Prof. Dr. Myra Spiliopoulou von der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, werden diesen Workshop zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Olga Fink von der EPFL (Schweiz) und Prof. Dr. Slawomir Nowaczyk von der Halmstad University (Schweden) leiten.

Künstliche Intelligenz in der Industrie
Foto: pixabay

Der Workshop wird vom 19. Bis 20. Oktober 2024 auf der „ECAI 2024“ in Santiago de Compostela stattfinden und zielt darauf ab, die sich entwickelnde Landschaft der künstlichen Intelligenz im industriellen Sektor zu erforschen und zu betonen, wie KI menschlichen Aktivitäten und Anforderungen gerecht werden sollte.

Abstract (in English):

The workshop on Embracing Human-aware AI in Industry 5.0″ at ECAI is designed to delve into the
evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in the industrial sector, placing emphasis on how
AI should reflect and respond to human activities and demands. As industries worldwide
transition into the realms of Industry 5.0, integrating AI technologies becomes not just an
asset but a necessity. This shift heralds unprecedented opportunities and challenges, where
the interplay between human workers and advanced AI systems takes centre stage. Our
workshop aims to explore this critical intersection, focusing on how AI should be designed,
implemented, validated and managed in a human-aware way.
Human-aware AI calls for novel solutions that allow humans and machines to collaborate
seamlessly within the complexities of the real world, driving sustainability, resiliency, and
benefits to people and society. In business branches like commerce, the need for
human-aware AI is already taken for granted. Industry, including product design,
manufacturing, aftermarket, maintenance and all forms of industrial engineering, seems to
lag behind since the focus for many years has been pure automation. By delving into these
topics with a human-aware lens, this workshop will significantly contribute to the ECAI
conference, offering scientific discussions that align well with its themes and goals.
The workshop invites original work in the area and will feature a series of presentations from
the contributing participants, two keynote talks, open discussions, and interactive panel
sessions led by experts in the field of AI for Industry 5.0. We solicit submissions on a wide
array of topics, ranging from ethical considerations and human-AI collaboration to AI-driven
process optimisation, decision support systems, integration of domain and expert knowledge
in AI algorithms and the future of work on the industrial floor. The workshop intends to foster
a multidisciplinary dialogue on how AI can be human-aware and effectively integrated into
various industrial processes by bringing together academicians, industry professionals, and
AI practitioners. Particular emphasis will be placed on practical applications, challenges, and
the latest research findings in the field.
Our objective is to provide a comprehensive platform for participants to gain insights into the
current trends, potential benefits, and challenges associated with the deployment of AI in the
industry in collaboration with and supporting (not replacing) humans – even on a cognitive
level. The workshop is expected to spark innovative ideas, encourage collaborations, and
contribute significantly to advancing human-aware AI in the industrial sector. Through this
workshop, we aspire to shape the future of the industry where AI not only enhances
efficiency and productivity but also aligns seamlessly with human needs and values.

Weitere Informationen zum Workshop und zur Anmeldung und Einreichung der Papers folgen zeitnah.

Workshop paper submission deadline: May 15 2024, and notifications by July 1st 2024

Primäre Kontaktperson: Slawomir Nowaczyk

Workshop Website: in Vorbereitung, voraussichtlich ab 15. März 2024

Informationen zur ECAI finden Sie unter


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