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Electrical Engineering, Physical Chemistry


TU Chemnitz, TU Ilmenau


10/2022 – 10/2024

Development of a material-, model- and process-based welding technology for joining steels with hollow aluminum profiles by means of one-sided conductive heating (StAluPro)

Due to the requirement to use different materials and different semi-finished product forms (sheet/profile) in an assembly, German SMEs are facing more complex requirements. For about two decades, lightweight construction concepts combining steel with hollow aluminum sections have been increasingly pursued. Resistance spot welding, which is well established in many industries, can only be used successfully here with new processes.
Intermetallic phases that normally form during welding can cause cracks or complete joint failure during solidification/cooling. Limiting this by means of new arrangements, especially taking into account the prevailing mechanical conditions during cooling and by means of sheet-metal profile connections, has been little studied to date, although a solution has been found here.
The aim of this project is therefore to develop a model-, material- and process-based strategy for the spot joining of steel-to-aluminum hollow sections based on resistance heating and suitable coaxial electrode geometries. In addition, the focus is on describing the interplay between process control and associated property profiles.


University of Technology Chemnitz

University of Technology Ilmenau
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jean Pierre Bergmann
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Gustav-Kirchhoff-Platz 2, 98693 Ilmenau
Phone: +49 (0) 3677 69 2981

Project duration: 10/2022 – 10/2024
Funding provider:Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action