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Accessibility statement

Note: For better readability, the generic masculine is generally used in the following. All designations of persons, offices and functions apply equally to all genders.

The Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ‘CHIM’ continuously strives to make its websites accessible in accordance with the Saxon Inclusion Act and Barrier-Free Websites Act in conjunction with the Ordinance on the Creation of Barrier-Free Information Technology in accordance with the Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance, BITV 2.0).

This accessibility statement applies to the web presence of the Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ‘CHIM ‘ It explicitly does not apply to project websites that are not based on the framework used by the Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ‘CHIM’.

Status of compatibility with the requirements

The basis for accessibility is the internationally valid Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) at conformance level AA and the European standard EN 301 549, version 3.1.1. For PDF documents, the international standard PDF/UA-1 is also observed. The website of the Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ‘CHIM’ is only partially accessible due to the incompatibilities or exceptions listed below in accordance with the above guidelines.

Non-accessible content

  • In some cases, alternatives or alternative texts for images or graphic elements or control elements are missing.
  • For some tables the description as well as the assignment of table cells is missing.
  • The hierarchy of headings is sometimes not respected.
  • Links can be incomprehensible.
  • Audio transcription or subtitles are currently not always available for embedded videos.
  • Not all included documents are available in an accessible form.
  • The position of the keyboard focus is not always clearly visible.
  • Contrasts of buttons are partly insufficient.
  • Integrated maps, such as those used for directions, have not yet been supplemented with a textual form.
  • Moving content (sliders) cannot always be turned off.
  • The tab order of the mobile view is not logical.
  • The use of some zoom levels leads to an erroneous display.
  • The display of appointments in calendars is not always accessible.
  • The website is designed bilingual (German and English). The corresponding translations are not yet available for all German-language content. Words and sections in other languages are hardly marked. Incorrect or missing language labels are successively added or corrected.
  • The website does not offer any services in plain language or sign language.


The Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg ‘CHIM’ research and innovation network has a very extensive and complex website, which was published before September 23, 2018 and is largely maintained in a decentralized manner. Content is created by a large number of web authors in the individual structural areas. Not all web authors make use of a centrally provided web framework.

Sensitization and training of employees, in particular of web authors – even changing ones – with regard to checking websites and documents for accessibility is a lengthy and ongoing process, which is not least dependent on resources. In addition, the availability of tools and equipment with necessary software must be financed and fundable.

For newly released PDF documents for download, we make every effort to provide an accessible version directly. In the case of particularly short publication deadlines or very large documents, such as research reports, this is sometimes not possible. The aim is then to produce and publish the accessible version in a timely manner. Due to the large number of older PDF documents, it has not yet been possible to convert them completely to an accessible format. We are currently working on a gradual adaptation of older PDF documents. If you need a specific PDF file that is not yet available in an accessible format, please feel free to contact us at the address below, indicating the form in which you need the file and the email address / postal address to which we can send it. There is no influence on the accessibility of documents provided by third parties.

The following content is currently not accessible, however, it is exempt from the obligation under Section 1 (2) sentence 1 BfWebG in conjunction with Article 1 (4) of EU Directive 2016/2102:

  • File downloads published prior to 9/23/2018 that are not required for current legal processes or active administrative processes,
  • Audios/videos released before 09/23/2020,
  • Live streaming as audio or video,
  • Maps whose essential information is offered in accessible alternative,
  • Third-party content and documents, as these are outside the control of the Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ‘CHIM’ and are not funded or developed by the Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ‘CHIM’,
  • Archive areas not updated since Sep 23, 2019. This includes, for example, old research projects whose information is still held for documentation purposes only.

Successive adjustments are made and existing barriers are removed as part of updates to affected websites and development cycles of the web framework used. At Chemnitz University of Technology, courses are offered by third parties and regular in-house training courses have been held to a large extent since 2021 in order to regularly sensitize the people involved in the processes with regard to accessibility requirements and to enable them to implement them.

In addition, the internal consulting services regarding accessible documents and websites at Chemnitz University of Technology have been greatly expanded. In 2021, the network “Accessibility at the TU Chemnitz” was established via the learning platform OPAL and a weekly online consultation is offered.

Preparation of this statement

This statement was created on 04.09.2020. It was last updated on 10/03/2023.

The state of accessibility of the websites is determined by Chemnitz University of Technology through its own reviews in the sense of a continuous self-assessment with support. The basis is formed by centrally provided instructions for action, checklists for accessible websites and PDF documents, and training courses. Since 2021, the Siteimprove monitoring system has been used to support the structural areas in checking and improving the quality and accessibility of their web presences. The tool shows broken links and spelling errors, for example, and analyzes conformity with WCAG standards. Furthermore, the Microsoft Word add-in axesWord was procured, which can be used to create accessible, PDF/UA and WCAG-compliant files with much time savings. The Siteimprove and axesWord annual licenses are funded by the Free State of Saxony on the basis of the budget passed by the members of the Saxon State Parliament (“Inclusion at Universities”). If interested, the Web Coordinator for Digital Accessibility at the University Computing Center provides feedback to structural areas regarding accessibility compliance on their websites and provides support and advice on implementing accessible websites and website content.

Feedback and contact details

Deficiencies of our websites in terms of compliance with accessibility requirements can be reported at any time by sending an email to We will try to correct the reported deficiencies immediately or provide you with inaccessible information in an accessible form.

If you have any questions, feedback, or need information about non-accessible content, you can contact the following people:

Dr. Uwe Dombeck (Central Web Coordinator for Digital Accessibility at the University Computer Center)
Phone: +49 371 531-36742
Address: Stra├če der Nationen 62, Room 1/B302B (new: A11.302.2), 09111 Chemnitz

Enforcement Proceedings

Chemnitz University of Technology will, of course, endeavor to respond to your comments, suggestions and inquiries within a reasonable period of time (usually a maximum of four weeks). If a response is not forthcoming or is not satisfactory to you, you may contact the following Saxon Enforcement and Conciliation Board.

The enforcement agency supports out-of-court dispute resolution when conflicts arise between public agencies in Saxony and people with disabilities. This arbitration procedure is free of charge. The involvement of legal counsel is not required. You can reach the enforcement office at the following contact information:

Office of the State Representative for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities at the Saxon State Chancellery (Anni Sappinen)

Postal address: Archivstra├če 1, 01097 Dresden
Phone: +49 351 564-10713
Fax: +49 351 564-10999